Patient Specific Manufacturing

Our Named Patient service is available for cytotoxics, CIVAS and mAbs, tailored to yours and your patient’s individual requirements.

The turnaround time is typically second working day; shorter turnaround times are available by arrangement. Bath ASU will work with you on developing a service that meets your requirements based around supplying products to specific clinics, satellite pharmacies etc.

Maximised Shelf Life

The company’s extended stability provision maximises the shelf life and helps you to minimise wastage and costs.

Ordering is simple and a wide variety of ordering mechanisms are available; fax, email, pharmacy messaging service, etc.

The service helps you to relieve pressure on your internal pharmacy aseptic services, allowing them to re-focus on clinical areas.

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Our Catalogue

Bath ASU has extensive technical expertise and can support customers in developing their individual requirements. A wide range of temperature controlled delivery options including timed deliveries are available.

Our aseptic manufacturing facility and skilled technicians can compound tens of thousands of different products, all according to customer specifications. To discuss the contents of this catalogue with a qualified advisor please contact us.

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Other Services Include