Aseptic manufacturing, it’s what we do…

Bath ASU is a pharmaceutical specials manufacturer based in Corsham, Wiltshire. Every day our team of specialists produces thousands of life-changing medicines for patients in hospitals across the country.

Bath ASU provides a complete range of aseptic manufacturing services including patient-specific chemotherapy, dose banded batch chemotherapy, central intravenous additive service and monoclonal antibodies.

Net Zero Commitment

At Bath ASU, our commitment to sustainability is intertwined with our mission to produce and administer life-changing medicines for patients, particularly those battling cancer. Recognising the link between climate change and health, we are dedicated to addressing our environmental impact.

As part of our Net Zero Goals, we align with the NHS, our largest customer, striving to achieve net zero by 2040 for emissions under our control and 2045 for those we can influence.

Beyond environmental stewardship, our commitment to sustainability also serves as a driving force for future recruitment.

We understand that the choices of the next generation of talent are increasingly influenced by a company’s credibility and commitment to sustainability, making our green initiatives not just a business imperative but a crucial aspect of our identity as a responsible and forward-thinking employer.

“While we are driven by legislation, we are also keen to be recognised as a good organisation, and to meet our customers’ and patients’ needs. This is why we look to go above and beyond the government’s requirements towards net zero.”

Matt Cooper, Environment, Health and Safety Manager, Pharmaxo Group.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Bath ASU, we are steadfast in our commitment to fostering a workplace culture that thrives on diversity and inclusion. We firmly believe in equality and do not discriminate based on gender, sex, background, race, or religion.

Moreover, we recognise that disabilities come in various forms, including those that may not be immediately visible. In our dedication to inclusivity, we have implemented inclusive hiring practices, tailoring our interview processes to accommodate candidates with neurological diversities such as ADHD.

By embracing the richness of diverse perspectives and talents, we aim to create an environment where everyone feels valued, supported, and empowered to contribute their unique strengths to our collective success.

Charitable Giving

Charitable giving is a cornerstone of Bath ASU’s values, reflecting our deep commitment to making a positive impact beyond the confines of our business.

We recognise the importance of being a responsible corporate citizen, and as such, we actively engage in charitable initiatives that align with our core values.

Bath ASU is committed to contributing to the creation of a better, more compassionate world, actively engaging in awareness days, and supporting charities through team fundraising efforts.

In recent months we celebrated a ‘Wear It Pink’ day in aid of Breast Cancer Now, ‘Movember’ saw some wonderful moustaches in the organisation to support Prostate UK, along with the yearly efforts for local charity, Dorothy House.

Supporting Dorothy House

Dorothy House Bath ASUEvery day we make injectable medicines for people fighting cancer all over the UK, amongst other things.

We supply our local and regional hospitals meaning we are making those medicines for our neighbours, our families and sometimes ourselves.

They don’t always deliver a cure, and when they don’t, we all need a palliative care team like Dorothy House to support us. We are often part of the same care pathway. Being a local hospice, many of us have a direct connection to the incredible work they do there and had personal reasons for wanting to take part in fundraising activities.

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