Enhancing Your Care with Surefuser+

Surefuser™+ is a lightweight, single-use device for the safe delivery of chemotherapy treatments and other drugs administered intravenously.

Surefuser+ allows patients to wear it comfortably at home, thanks to its closed system design and integrated safety features. This contributes significantly to enhancing their quality of life during treatment.

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Product Quality

The control unit of Surefuser+ is flat and thoughtfully designed, calibrated at skin temperature to ensure precise and reliable performance.

It features an integrated infusion line, minimizing residual volume and allowing for a quick priming time. The device is easy to fill for pharmacy purposes, requiring a low filling force.

It is supported by comprehensive drug stability data, ensuring the integrity of medications. An in-line clamp is incorporated to prevent leakage, offers a wide range of flow rates and fill volumes, accommodating various infusion therapies.

Its constant elastomeric pressure, achieved through the isoprene balloon, ensures a steady flow rate throughout the treatment.

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Safe and Reliable

The Surefuser Elastomeric Infusion System provides a safe, comfortable, and reliable solution for a wide range of therapies including: Continuous Ambulatory Chemotherapy, Thalassaemia, Antibiotic therapy and Pain control.

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