Bath ASU PhD student shortlisted for the prestigious Ede & Ravenscroft Prize

Terry Chapman presenting to an audience

Terry Chapman, one of Qualasept’s sponsored PhD students, was shortlisted for the prestigious “Ede & Ravenscroft Prize” given to the University of Bath student with the most outstanding postgraduate research. This is done through a written submission from which five candidates are selected—Terry is one of them—to present in front of a panel of judges who would decide who wins the prize.

To even be shortlisted for such a prize is a spectacular accomplishment and speaks to the quality of research Terry is capable of. His PhD is due to finish at the end of August, and he will be joining Bath ASU as a full-time member of the research department.

Terry’s PhD has been dedicated to developing analytical methods for characterising antibody-drug conjugates, like Kadcyla and Adcetris. Antibody-drug conjugates are a type of biopharmaceutical not covered by existing NHS guidance, and so Terry has been working with regional NHS quality assurance officers to facilitate regulatory approval as well as feedback his discoveries to the NHS, helping to demonstrate Bath ASU’s continually growing expertise in stability.

A significant outcome of his research has been the successful stability study performed on Kadcyla.

This is not only a world first in stability research but also an achievement that allows Bath ASU to provide Kadcyla with extended stability to the NHS.