Bath ASU Beats the Snow

As wintry conditions gripped the UK in December 2010, at Bath ASU we rose to the challenge and kept our customers and ultimately patients supplied with vital medicines – thanks to our forward planning.

As soon as we heard heavy snow was on the way we also put in place a comprehensive range of measures. The first focus was on getting supplies through to hospitals and patients despite the treacherous roads. This was where our drivers rose to the challenge as well as covering our own deliveries also serviced additional orders to those let down by other suppliers.

On Christmas Eve, we got a delivery of neonatal parenteral nutrition through to a customer in London. On another occasion, despite a massively delayed six hour drive, we managed to get an urgent delivery of medication through to a hospital on the South coast.

We arranged temporary on-site childcare facilities in order to ensure that our staff with children sent home from school bring them into work and safe in the knowledge that they would be cared for. This kept our manufacturing workforce up to full strength whilst the freeze lasted.