Bath ASU Awarded Military Spouses Business and Employment Charter

Recruit for Spouses (RFS) has awarded Bath ASU the Military Spouses Business and Employment Charter mark. The Award is in recognition of the company’s support for and understanding of the difficulties experienced by military spouses achieving employment.

The nature of military life invariably means that service personnel are posted to different locations which has an impact on their partner’s careers as they in turn move around the country. Rather than seeing adaptability, resourcefulness and resilience in service partners, some employers fail to see beyond a CV with breaks in it.

As a company we are keen to support the initiative locally; particularly given the large military presence here in Corsham. We’ve given RFS help in setting up their information technology systems and provided laptop computers. Our human resources (HR) team has been helping to establish links with HR directors in other local businesses and is currently organising a networking evening.

RFS has gained considerable support for its work, most notably from the Prime Minister earlier this year resulting in the initiative being endorsed by Sir Bob Kerslake, the head of the Civil Service.

“The support we’ve received from Bath ASU has proved invaluable in Recruit for Spouses’ objective to change the minds and assumptions about military spouses by some employers. Day after day, we meet too many military spouses who are being discriminated against”, said Heledd Kendrick, the founder and CEO of Recruit for Spouses.

If you’re an employer and would like to find out more about Recruit for Spouses visit their website at