Qualasept Pharmaxo Holdings Limited statement on coronavirus

Qualasept Pharmaxo Holdings Limited and its companies Bath ASU, Pharmaxo and Microgenetics are closely monitoring the evolution of the COVID-19 situation to ensure the protection of our employees and to enable our continued delivery of products and services.

We have a robust pandemic policy in place that has been updated in response to the COVID-19 outbreak to prepare for the unforeseen events and to meet the needs of our patients, customers, employees and stakeholders who depend on us. Our pandemic policy is in process and our Executive team and senior managers meeting on a daily basis operating a proactive approach to the developing situation. All services are currently operating as normal.

Our people are proud to be part of the critical healthcare infrastructure in the UK and we are following advice from Public Health England reinforcing guidance on hygiene procedures and social distancing in addition to implementing local protocols including health checks and assessments with staff. We are working with Local and National Authorities, to put measures in place in the event the situation progresses to enable our staff to continue to be able to travel to work and maintain the supply of our essential services.

In this developing situation we are continuing to closely monitor the UK Government advice, dynamically adapting our approach where required.

The safety of patients and our staff remains of the greatest importance to us.

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